Monday, February 8, 2010

Showing at Fresh Flours Bakery Cafe

I was given the opportunity to have another solo show. Yippeeeee! :D Now displaying at Fresh Flours Bakery Cafe in Phinney. I've printed out quite a bit of new images for the public to see so if you're ever in the Phinney neighborhood, stop by Fresh Flours for some yummy pastries, coffee, and a pleasant viewing of my photos... :) Hope you all enjoy them! To read more about their art shows, please visit Fresh Flours artist blog. Check out previous artists that have been displayed there and me! :D


  1. lovely! i gotta stop by this week it's just right around my neighborhood!

  2. haha... thanks lea... better yet, let's go together! ;P i want me some cooooooookies... :D