Saturday, May 22, 2010

photo of the week...

photo of the week -
title : His name is Assiv
location : Merzouga, Morocco


  1. oh my god, are you in Morocco?!?! If you are, let me just tell you how envious I am! :P I've always wanted to go visit, and maybe even move there... Love the tones and Assiv's smile.

  2. Love. I loved Morroco when I went last year.

  3. hey gals! :)
    Mia: haha... no... i'm not in morocco now... I was about 2 years ago though and it was such a great adventure. Little Assiv made part of that adventure for me. :) I loved it there... you will surely need to visit one day... :)

    Photodiarist: you're such a passionate person... love your style... your travel places and your photography... :D

    Thanks girls!