Monday, June 8, 2009

showing at Sietch 22 Collective as guest artist

Hello all... i'm very excited once again! why? because of an upcoming event at the Sietch 22 Collective at the Old Rainier Brewery! Part of the great colorful building has been coverted into artist work/living studios and they are open for the public to see this coming Saturday, June 13th from 11-7! And the collective will follow all this art with an art after party from 9pm and on! I am excited as the public will get a chance to see how these artists work and live and see the art they produce! I'll be here with about 8 other local artists around the community to exhibit some of our own art too. This was very nice of Sietch 22 to share this opportunity with us. To learn more about the artists that form the great Sietch 22, please visit their website at . :D

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