Saturday, May 30, 2009

hanging art at bedlam coffeehouse

My very loyal groupie (in above photo ;)) came with me to visit the grand opening of Bedlam Coffeehouse in Belltown, Seattle thursday night. Not only does this place have 5 of my photos hanging on their walls (=P) but this coffee place has many other things to look at too. As we sat w/ wandering eyes around the space, we saw little wooden blocks spelling out their coffee place. So cute! But they also have all sorts of collective items displayed in their space. One of the owners was even painting a monkey on the wall as we were drinking coffee! How cool is that? ha! It's very inspiring to see these young guys open such a coffee place in seattle... so different from any other coffee place... very community based which is nice! So, if you're ever in Belltown, go check this place out and check out my works and other photographer's works that are up now too... =P "Bedlam Coffeehouse on 2nd and Bell"
p.s. i like their chai latte and all their COOKIES! ... :)
p.p.s. thank you to the couple who bought 3 of my photos at Bedlam! and thank you Ben and rest of the boys at Bedlam Coffee for being so kind in always supporting all local artists.

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