Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obasan Restaurant Grand Opening!!

Last night was pre-grand opening dinner party for the Obasan Restaurant, soon to be opened to the public sometime this week! The interior space was designed by Yukako Horiuchi and she asked me if I'd like to display some of my photography there so I said YES! :D I really like what Yukako did with the space, from paint color selection to the wall treatment around the counter area with the dark stained wood slats. The entire atmosphere feels very young and fresh but still sophisticated. With upbeat music in the background and the great food that Obasan chefs create, I see this as a great new happening space in lower queen anne. I've met the owners last night and they are young and so full of energy. I like seeing young people start new businesses... they just have so much passion and excitement in their eyes... you can almost feel it yourself and can't help but be excited for them too. So, if you're ever in Seattle and in Lower Queen Anne area, step into Obasan and eat some yummy food... :D Dont' forget to ask the owners to tell you the story of how they came up with their restaurant name... :)
Obasan Restaurant Address : 11 Mercer St. (across the street of Taco Del Mar and Melting Pot)


  1. Hey! Congratulations! Your work looks beautiful on those walls.

  2. Nice shots! And congrats for your work! Best regards, Andrei.

  3. Thanks guys! You guys are great! hehe... *^__^*