Tuesday, September 8, 2009

photo of the week...

photo of the week -
location : seattle
title : it never leaves you


  1. That's quite desaturated. Could be an album cover.

  2. You mean that summer never leaves me? You are right about that. I love this shot. So pretty and peaceful.

  3. Saii : thank you...it's something i know you have a lot too... :)

    Andrei : thanks!! :D

    Buenos Aires : album cover? now that would be so cool! ;)

    Photodiarist : hahaha... i think i've been viewing so much of your works that I've wanted to try to be a bit poetic myself too... but i'm not sure if it worked cuz i was thinking it's the shadow that never leaves us... but i like "summer never leaving us"... i like that a photo can mean different stories for different people... :)

  4. Hey, I know where you took this shot! You have such a great eye, Nora. I love the way you see the world through your photos.